Skirling House - Wines & beers


Our beers come from BROUGHTON ALES, a small family owned brewery in the next village – some three miles over the hill. This area is famous in Scottish history and renowned for its 13th and 14th century Keeps and Castles where the Ale Wives would have brewed the Beers and Stouts which form the traditional base today for Broughton`s products. The ancient recipes, used now with the aid of modern plant and technology, produce beers and ales of exceptional quality.

Greenmantle Ale,   3.9% abv
Greenmantle is the ale with which Broughton Brewery was founded in 1979, taking it’s name from the eponymous John Buchan novel. John Buchan spent a great deal of his childhood in the village of Broughton. Greenmantle is a dark, bitter/ sweet ale with a pleasant hop aftertaste

Merlin's Ale,   4.2% abv
After the battle of Adderyd in 573 AD. Merlin is believed to have spent many years of his life in the Caledonian Forest, which at one time covered much of the South of Scotland. A thorn bush at Drumelzier marks his burial place and many strong legends and historical references give credence to his presence.

This deep golden pale ale, which has a clean tasting, refreshing malt flavour overlaid with a strong hop character and a mystical bitter aftertaste.

Black Douglas            ,   5.2% abv
The Black Douglas, Sir James Douglas, was a trusted friend of Robert The Bruce, the famous Scottish King, a powerful knight and one of Scotland's heroes whose daring exploits often brought him into the Border country of Scotland, home of Broughton Ales.

A dark, ruby traditional ale with a deep and full malty flavour.

Scottish Oatmeal Stout,   4.2% abv
Scottish Oatmeal Stout takes on the image of Robert Younger, founder of Younger's Brewery in Edinburgh and great grandfather of the founder of Broughton brewery. Oats are used in the brewing of Scottish Oatmeal Stout to enhance the flavour of the black malt and roasted barley which give this traditional beer its rich dark colour and strong, complex roasted malt aroma and flavour, reminiscent of coffee and chocolate. These flavours are offset by a good hop bitterness and silky aftertaste.

Broughton Organic Lager (330 ml),   5.0% abv
Organically grown British barley and New Zealand hops are infused together by the crisp, clear waters that run through the hills of the Scottish Borders to product a premium lager that is truly unique.

A lager for those who know and care about what they drink.

Exciseman's 80/-,   4.6% abv
In the 19th Century it was the Excise men just like Robert Burns who had responsibility of applying tax to all beers and ales. The name 80/- derives from the duty rate stamped on the end of the casks.

Rich, smooth and classy;. The bittersweet blend of flavours is derived from the crystal, black and pale ale malts, and fresh, aromatic hops. Dark amber in colour and full-bodied.