Skirling House - Approach

Thanks for visiting - please note that we have now retired and accommodation at Skirling House is no longer available for booking. Please check back for news of future plans.

Food plays an important part at Skirling House and with so many local producers on our doorstep we are spoilt for choice.

We enjoy good food. We enjoy seeing our guests enjoy good food. To this end, our approach to cooking is based on very simple principles. As far as possible, we use ingredients which are in season and local. This means, for example, that we serve soups made from summer vegetables in summer, and soups made from winter vegetables – our guests have a taste for celeriac, we find - in winter.

Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible, taking advantage of our being in some of the best farming country in Scotland and near to some of the leading Scottish craftsman-butchers. Our cheeses are sourced from the new generation of cheese-makers which has flourished locally in recent years, and we grow as much of our own fruit and vegetables as possible, making our own preserves and baking our own bread. Our eggs are from our own hens.

We use these ingredients with respect and sensitivity so that, while many of the classic dishes are presented in a fresh and insightful way, the cuisine remains true to its Scottish origins.